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Marin Estate Liquidation Services
(415) 453-1490

Dove Place Antiques is a full service liquidation company. We are known for our knowledge, honesty, integrity and compassion.

We sell for you or buy outright, single items or entire estates.

We accomplish this by applying over 20 years of experience in the business with multiple venues for the sale of your items. We have a well known store in San Anselmo (voted Best Antique Store in Marin), take items to multiple high end antique shows, are Power Sellers on eBay, sell from our warehouse location and when appropriate will place your item(s) with the best auction house. Using our multiple venues and customer base guarntees that your estates value will be maximized.

We understand the emotional havoc that can be caused when dealing with downsizing or a death in the family. Our service ensures that you and the items in the estate are treated with respect they deserve.

Our extensive advertising reaches out to our network of buyers, through email, newspapers the web and other sources.

Dove Place insures fair prices for your processions and will provide you, your attorneys, executors and family members with detailed accounting of the disposition of all items. We are happy to send items that cannot be sold to the charity of your choice and to remove items not suitable for charities.

Don't Throw Anything Out Until You Have Spoken With Us!